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The Studio
A Brief Important Statement: The computer is the heart of my studio, which gives me virtually unlimited digital track recording capabilities! Although I use analog gear for warmth and vintage effects, the magic I do is "tapeless".  I am Mac based and the core of my investment and knowledge is in virtual software. I have included a list of my studio hardware gear below. I don't have space to list all my software and plug-ins. Just be aware that I try to stay on the cutting edge and the list is extensive!

Computer: Mac Pro 2.8 GHz Quad-Core Intel Xeon
Sure SM57 - Audio Technica Vocal Pro - Studio Projects TB1 (killer large diaphragm condenser)
Compressor / Limitors: Joe Meek VC6 - DOD 866
Headphones: Sony Pro MDR-7506's
Headphone Amp: Behringer Powerplay Pro 4
Studio Monitors: Audix MM-25's
Keyboards: Korg X3 - Ensoniq SQ-80
Sound Card: MOTU 2408mk3, MOTU 24i, MOTU MTP AV
Audio Software: Logic Pro 9 - Peak VST - Band-In-A-Box (latest version, all styles & solos)
Specialty Software: Tons of VST Plug-ins! - Antarus Auto-Tune, Finalator, Waves, Audio Restoration, etc. - Way too numerous to mention.
FX Units: Boss SX-700 Studio Effects Processor - Furman Sound RV-1
Recording Decks: Sony DAT DTC-700 - Sony CD Recorder CDR-W33 - Sony Mini Disk MDS-JE510 - Tascam PortaStudio 4 Track - Teac Reel-To-Reel 4 Track - Carver Cassette TD-1700 - Harmon/Kardon Cassette HK400-MX - Yamaha Double Cassette KX-W362
CD Burners: EZQuest 32X - TDK 24 - Ricoa 24 - Club Mac 4X
Hard Drive Space: Several Tarabites!
Other Digital Storage: Jazz Drive - Zip Drive
Amps: Marantz 2275 - Audio ProDuel 2000 - Music Man (guitar amp) - Bass Man (bass amp)
Turntable: Sanyo VJ-110
Sound Modules: Roland Super JV-1080 - Orchestra Card - New World Card - Dance Card - Roland JV-880 - Roland R-8M (w/ Jazz Card) - Roland D-110 - Alesis NanoBass
Samplers: ASR-10 (With huge sample library) - Acid Pro 4.0 (With an even huger library)
Mixing Board: Mackie LM-3204 32 Channels (16 Stereo Pairs) - Teac 3 (Tascam Series) 8 Track
Computers: MacBook Pro 2.16 GHz Intel Core Dueo (OS X.5.8) - Mac G4 Dual 1.25GHz PowerPC (OS 10.4.11) - PC (PII / Win Me)
Audio Interface: Opcode Studio 4 - Opcode Studio 3